09 February 2010

Preparations and Dub vs. Sub

Good evening, imaginaries:
I'm really excited about doing my English paper this semester, because it's a Wolrd Lit class, and the teacher has given us free reign from the 1600s on ward. Anything goes. Authors, characters, books, etc. So with this vast sea to choose from, what shall I do? (As if I didn't already know.) I'm going to write about Baba Yaga! I've already got two books of fairy tales from the library, and I'm going to order this later tonight. I really should have been a folklorist. (was anybody else as breathless as me when they found out folklorist was actually a job?) Part of the final grade for this class is a visual presentation, and I like to prepare videos with a mixture of pictures and text with music - I already have the PERFECT music chosen out; I'll post it when I get it done.
In other news, I was sick over the weekend (very, very glad that I had the posts scheduled from Wednesday all the way to Monday), and so I didn't get to watch the four English dubbed episodes of One Piece that Hulu releases every Saturday until last night. Major anime-habit high. Now, I know there is a lot of, haha, let us kindly refer to it as "debate" in the anime watching community about whether dubbed versions or subtitled versions are better. I say, why does one have to be better than the other for everyone? Now personally, I prefer dubbed versions because, while I love listening to the voices, I manically HATE any and all subtitles. [Redundant] period. I can't watch English soundtrack movies with subtitles, and I can barely force myself to watch Japanese soundtrack shows with subtitles. I would literally rather watch it in Japanese without the titles and try to figure out what's going on by the actions of the characters. Once I (sometime in the distant and vague future) learn to speak Japanese, it'll all be good :D

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