21 April 2014

The Late, Late, Late, LATE Show


Ok, so I fell behind a little... This is my February installment of the 2014 Fiber Challenge: Polwarth.  I have to say, contrary to expectations from things I'd heard about it, I didn't really enjoy working with this wool. It was slippery, and waaay too eager to fall apart.  I was informed by a knowledgeable friend after viewing a Facebook photo of the unspun fiber going into the orifice that it looked as if it may have been over-processed, but that might be my fault for overdrafting it.  Anyway, plying it was much, much better; I tried two different things and really like the way they both turned out.  First, I had two bobbins so I plied them together; then when I ran out of one, I used black thread and beads.  This one is my favorite - I am so enamored of how it turned out... as you can probably tell from the amount of pictures.  My next challenge shall be Navajo Churro.  I make no punctual guarantees.