05 February 2010

Figure Study Friday

My art professor tells me that we all tend to unconciously draw our own body type. That means that for beginners at least, or people who haven't been practicing [hangs head], it's easier for big men to draw big men, little women to draw little women and vice versa (hence the slightly feminine look of my first sketch, I suppose). That's why I'm really proud of myself for the figure drawing I've accolpished this week. Of course, it was a lot easier once I rediscovered Posemaniacs, which is a great and *FREE* resource for any artist looking to improve their human form drawing skills. Something I really like is a sidebar app called 30 second drawing. That's pretty much just what it sounds like; they give you a pose, you have 30 seconds to do a gesture drawing. The faster you get the entire body roughly outlined, the more likely it is that your proportions are right. Then you can clean it up and turn it into a finished piece. And yes, I drew clothes on the first one, but not on the second one. a) it's hard and I'm lazy b) I wanted to sketch a little of the muscle structure, something that Posemaniacs allows you to do. I know people can get a little weird about nude models and other disrobed aspects of figure drawing; some of those people live in my family. And I can understand being uncomfortable if you're not used to it. But figure drawing is art; there is nothing sexual about it, and I am going to imagine that my readers can accept this. So there's my little disclaimer thingy. I think I did better than last week.

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