10 February 2010

The Paradise War

The Paradise War. Awesome title, from an author I usually enjoy (Stephen Lawhead). The plot? Meh.
MC and MC's best friend visit ancient cairn in Scotland, best friend gets sucked into other world, MC has nervous breakdown before managing to go after best friend. Ends up in ancient Celtic setting. In the first scene in Albion, the other world, a man's head gets chopped off (by the best friend, who has, due to inter-world-time-discrepency, been there four years) and the MC is forced to carry it. MAJOR graphic adjectives. Not the best way to endear the book to this reader.
I'm almost seven hours into it, and I hate the MC's best friend, the MC I'm not too impressed with, and the macho dudeness is really, really getting to me. The obligatory tough-gal narcissists aren't helping either.
...On rereading this entry, it seems kind of harsh. Maybe I'm just not the target reader. Maybe the narrator of the audio book is just annoying.

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