03 February 2010

Coolest Plant on this Planet - Or Any Other

Something fun for all the imaginary readers - I can see that this is quickly going to become some kind of disorder where even if I ever get real readers I'll never quite believe they're actually there. I was reading the backlog of info-mails in my in-box (knitting, spinning, bird-watching, gardening, etc) and this plant happened to catch my eye. Isn't it like something you'd find in Baba Yaga's garden and therefore cool even if it HADN'T been cool in its own right? It's called Harry Lauder's Walking Cane, and Ah WAONTS meh wun.

1 comment:

  1. That IS a really cool plant, and one I sadly don't have. It is worth growing though so I hope you get it for your garden. Have a great day today! P.S. Your figure sketches are very nice.