04 April 2010

The Stationmasters' Guide Book: An History and Compendium

In Deorsa, during the early part of the Gray Pantheon Cycle (approximated to be equal to the early part of the twenty-first century of Earth), there were three types of magic being practiced. There was the most civilized, organized, efficient and most dangerous form, known as extractionism (notably, it was the only movement to identify the three magical branches with ‘ism’s) which was practiced by both sexes; then there was the mostly feminine magic practiced by Mystics (most famously, the Ice River Mystics), and then their was the mostly masculine branch of practitioners known as the Eldritch, or simply, Eldritch. Both of the latter forms of magic were considerably more difficult to master, and purely impractical on a large scale. Which is precisely why the people who practiced them chose to do so, and why they disliked and mistrusted the extractionists. In fact, due to the combined, if disjointed, efforts of the Mystics and the Eldritch, the extractionist movement, on the most part, had, largely, as a whole, died out. Nearly completely in fact. Nearly.
The Stationmasters' Guide Book: An History and Compendium, vol. 146(-9 [or possibly {-12}]), chapter 542, (usually located on) page 7,234,567,314

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