02 April 2010

2010 Garden Notebook (thus far...)

March 20:
Prepared garden bed
March 21:
Planted (vegetables)seeds of Mustard**, Arugula**, Spinach***, Radishes**, Cress**, Chamomile, Parsley. (Flowers) Scarlet flax, Money plant, Bunny tail grass, & Lobelia
*Sprouted by the 28th & 29th
**Doing well by April 2nd
***NOT doing well by April 2nd
April 2*:
Transplanted garden center bought: Tomatoes, Rosemary, Yarrow, Rue, Peppermint, Feverfew, Camellia, Periwinkle, Foxgloves.
Planted seeds:Lupine, Astor, Sweet Marjoram, Chamomile, Borage, Basil, Swiss Chard
*Started active watering
Hopefully the 2nd round of Mustard and Arugula + 1st round of Lettuce will be started tomorrow.

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