12 January 2014

A Return to Sketching

Well, my dear imaginary readers,

It's a new year, I'm graduated, unemployed, and disillusioned (but in the best, slightly supercilious and snarky way). 

Now that I am done with school for the immediate future, I've been returning to drawing, as well as knitting, spinning, writing, and other things I do - this week I've been cleaning up/damage controlling in the garden.

One of my Christmas presents this holiday season was a hand-me-down Lenovo Yoga, which features a touch screen, so somewhere in the back of my mind was the idea of computer graphics.  One sketch in particular is destined for this experiment, but once I started, I found myself just enjoying the act of sketching itself.  I'd missed it. 

So here are the innings:

The elf king is the one I think could do with some computer attention, and the sketch page below with the accompanying thumbnails are exploration for a possible creative writing project dealing with North Carolina wildlife - children's stories with a certain edge.

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