24 July 2013

WiP Wednesday: (HOLIDAY!) Knitting

My brother doesn't always watch anime...........

 But when he does, he watches Natsume Yuujinchou.  I watch it, too. It is HILARIOUS.  So when I ran across this knitting pattern, saved to my hardrive years and years ago, before I ever started watching anime, well I just got my Grinch smile on, didn't I?

 Yes, I did.  I'll have to work out the intarsia stuff to cross between the white, brown and... mousse?  Anyway.
  I think this will actually be the first time I knit specifically for someone else.  It's kind of a mile marker, I suppose.  Hopefully I can get it done (in secret, sh!) in time for Christmas.  Updates as they come, I guess.

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