06 December 2011

WIP Worldbuilder notes

I was preparing the worldbuilder notes for a modern-themed steam punk story to do as my final short story for creative writing... and then the professor said in class that we should do straight up literary fiction as opposed to genre fiction.


But I kept the notes, and I thought I'd post them, 'cause some of the stuff (I thought) is pretty clever, and I just turned in my non-steam punk final today - oh, sorry, that breeze you just felt was my profound sigh of satisfaction - anyway, here they are:

protagonist: young, sheltered girl working to become a creative writer

world: modern steampunk

plot: briefly meets a person whose philosophy changes her outlook on life/internship w/Conclavical Refractographic?

Ephemera: constantly writing "fantasy stories" about character named Harrigan.  no excerpts or direct information, we only hear about these stories through dialogue protag has with best/childhood friend (male) also working to become writer

Sub-atmosphericals - airships.  protag's father worked on some while in the Aerotime Forces

loving but somewhat maddening parents; mother keeps pointing out to protag that many famous writers were originally painters who failed art school (the only implication that protag ever wanted to be painter); father and protag never know what to say to each other, so father will randomly pick out topic of conversation - usually either historical or technical

Celebrities: ruler of New Year's Conclave, Pamela Bean (who single handedly started a craze for cooking with sea-serpent fat), E. S. Swintenberg, author of the reigning popular fantasy series, Fisticuff Master (needs work) - as in, "Well, we can't all be ESS now, can we?"

PudgyBird Press, Conclavical Refracographic

"New homes at Laborer's mudpuddle!" "Hearts of Romaine, in (needs work)  prismatriums soon!"
Refractography = photography

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