27 January 2010

An Interest and a Preference

I like writing about girl characters. This is partly because I'm better at it than writing boy characters and partly because I'm dissatisfied with the fantasy literature available with female leads. I'm working on a story with three royal sisters, but since I began I've become fascinated with another element that I'm not sure I could fit into "Grave's End." Recently I read a story that featured the old Russian folk-tale witch Baba Yaga and her three servant protectors Bright Sun, Red Star, and Black Midnight (elsewhere the first two were called Bright Dawn and Red Sun). I am completely captivated by the spookiness of it; the empty winter woods, the bone-fenced yard, and the house on chicken legs whose windows are eyes that watch you... I am definitely going to have to write a story about Baba Yaga - but I don't want to rewrite the traditional story of the person on a quest who has to go see the old witch and after spending a few days with her barely escape with life and limb. Maybe I could give her an apprentice.

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